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Our customers say

  • "This painstakingly researched book is one of a kind and has become the go‐to resource for anyone with an interest in the Western Cape's motorsport heritage."
    Charles Arton
    Redwood Property Group
  • “Unusually, this book also looks at some of the sponsors involved and why they have participated, like Castrol, Volkswagen Motorsport, BP and Porsche South Africa. Graced with 1,000 images - many rarely seen - this book showcases automotive brands in a way that is both endearing and unique.”
    BMW fan
    BMW Fanatics
  • The World’s Greatest Cycle Tour book is a fantastic and well documented presentation of what is arguably one of the best cycling events in South Africa, if not the world. Over and above anchor and headline sponsors, it provides a unique opportunity to showcase many other supporting brands, teams, athletes and partners of the world renown Tour, and is complimented by stunning imagery, well structured content, and overall a solid publishing effort, fit to grace any coffee table.”
    Brandon Fairweather
    Marketing Director
  • "Mercedes-Benz South Africa. 60 years of the Best is not just another coffee table cum conversation piece with breath taking pictures for the sitting room, it is also a well-researched historical document that articulates the brand in a way no other medium can."
    Professor Hans Heese
  • "When it comes to motor vehicle engineering, Mercedes Benz South Africa is not only an extension of German quality, it is a reflection of the pursuit of excellence. In these pages Narrative Media, through its dedication and expertise, have captured the essence of the Mercedes-Benz brand, the role it played in the South African economy, the people and passion behind its vehicles."
    Carl Wepener
    CEO Communications
  • "Both text and picture content is excellent and each full-page image is accompanied by the related story. This is not a rehash but the result of a carefully worked-out approach and is a vast improvement on prior efforts. The book sets out something worthy of The World’s Greatest Cycle Tour. A hefty tome launched to coincide with the event in 2012. There have been many other books about the Cycle Tour in previous years, but none as weighty or comprehensive. This one contains tons of information and well warrants the price tag."
    Ride Magazine
  • "Narrative Media’s lavish coffee table books become indispensable collectors’ items, which will celebrate all that’s great about the brands that participates in their associated properties."
  • "The World's Greatest Cycle Tour cleverly weaves in the story of major participating brands into a wider context. This book says and shows it all. Well done Narrative Media, It’s brilliant!"
    Cycling South Africa

Richard Webb
CEO & Content Strategist

British born content strategist specialising in travel, automotive, lifestyle, heritage and public sector. Married and a father to five and he divides his time between London and Cape Town, travelling widely in the process.

Kari Evans-Webb
COO & Creative Director

Kari has a real love and passion for the constant evolution of the media creation process. Working in both the business and creative sides of the organisation she brings a tangible ability to think on her feet and problem solve with wisdom.

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