We use our customer publishing expertise to build public sector messages that people care about.

Narrative Media are specialists in public sector communications. We help you to engage people in a powerful, informative story around what decisions local councils are taking, and how local councils are spending public money in a way they will value and remember.

The power of a well-told story allows your organisation to become ‘human’ – having a real, honest connection with people – transparent, responsive and above all, accessible. We believe that public sector communication doesn’t just have to be bullet points or simple statements about the services you provide. We inject a healthy dose of the human element, emotions, and intelligent thinking to create a memorable message.

Our belief is that well-crafted storytelling crosses cultures, political contexts, and has the power to educate, change and inspire. The Narrative Media team have more than 20 years of British public sector publishing experience across housing to tourism, leisure to business and everything in between.

We conceive, photograph, write, design, print and distribute innovative magazines, newsletters, leaflets and guides specifically for your authority. Or you can just use the parts of our services that suit you.

We believe in best value and undertake to save you time and money. By managing our relationships professionally and ethically, you are ensured that your community derives best value from our relationship.

Well thought through printed communications can remind stakeholders of a common heritage or shared future. Our communications team have the power to unify and can help to instil a long-term view, a sense of community, pride, strength and confidence. We provide innovative ways to connect you to your key audiences.

You will rarely find a more cost competitive supplier but we also compete on the basis of wider social value throughout the lifetime of a contract, not just at the tender stage. By operating an ‘open book accounting policy’ we aim to aid the transparency of our public sector outsourced contracts.

Our stories help people bond to your messages and remember what they care about.